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Day 35 of 40 Global Sadhana

We are living in a very auspicious time in history and experiencing life like it has never been before in previous generations.  We are seeking the truth and light within ourselves in order to be more of what we want to be.  I find myself viewing the previous path’s I’ve chosen and now the one I walk upon leading me to where I am today.   All these paths have lead me to this solid ground I walk upon today, with this said, it is Kundalini, yoga, meditation and guru’s whom I’ve met along the way that have given my discipline in my life and practice I have today.  I am so grateful for this.

I am grateful that Spirit Voyage has lead this global sadhana for us because it is a reminder of our disciplines, our practice, a reminder to be more of what we want to attract into our lives.   There are times when I meditate/do yoga and do not want to–yet that is discipline that keeps me with my practice.  I’ve fallen asleep many times doing my sadhana to awake to candles burning brightly waiting for me to wake back up and music repeating itself like a broken record player.

When I wake up I practice, it is like my prescription from the doctor.  Doctors order’s do your daily practice, and do it well.  Just like my prescription for healing my back–walk 4 times a day–meditate and practice yoga once a day.  That is my mantra….meditate, yoga, walk…..meditate, yoga, walk…..this is my Sadhana, be good and do good.


What is your Daily dose of Sadhana?



Day 31 of 40 Global Sadhana

Day 31 bowed before me in a mist of food, gratitude, and community.

The last few days were a bit hard for me to focus in my sadhana because I did them at a time when most of the household was up and about which led to distractions such as asking me where I put the so and so item and what time is my appointment on Friday etc.  Today was sweet bliss in sadhana because it was just me, myself, and I.  Ahhhh sweet relief, even though my mind was drifting in and out, I enjoyed every sweet second of bliss, which leads me to distractions in mediation.

When I did my sadhana where our dog could come and lick my hands and nudge my knee with his nose, I realized the distractions of even the most minute details of life that arise in the wee hours.  I then had to prepare myself to close the door, elevate my hips and sit on a flat surface higher than ground level.  So that got rid of the animal distractions–then I thought how do I get rid of the human distraction in my morning sadhana…….ahha!  I just continue with no answers to questions, or   conversation, light bulb huh?

The reality of sadhana is the reality of life–there will always be distractions, it’s how we handle the distractions and comical errors of it that draw us off course.  The monkey mind, ahha!  Yes the lovely monkey mind where everything bounces in the trees and sways and we get hooked on the branches of distractions.

Being aware of the distractions is what helps us draw us closer to our dhristi.

Here’s to our health and the life of wonderful mindful distractions…..


Day 27 of 40 Global Sadhana

The morning light is so beautiful and each morning I find an awareness that is present in every breathe and thought that crosses my path.  This awareness seems more apparent since I started doing this beautiful Sadhana. 

Thank you to Spirit Voyage, Ramdesh Kaur, and Ashana for inspiring us on this beautiful and sacred journey.

Each and every day I take note of my awareness and it just keeps blossoming into a presence in my thoughts, my actions, and how I choose to take certain steps in my daily routine.

I choose the light to guide me along this journey of grace and gratitude.

Here is an inspiring song by Ashana.

Sat Nam


Day 21 of 40 Global Sadhana

Half way through the Global Sadhana and we are all raising our frequencies.  Go Global Sadhana!

Things I’ve noticed about this particular sadhana are:

an increased awareness

less caffeine if none at all (it helped me break my caffeine cycle)

a softness within

people smiling at me more than normal (people I don’t even know)

more patience with myself

an understanding of my talents and creativities

honoring who I am emotionally, physically, and mentally, and not settling for less

allowing myself to be a conduit and be still and silent

These are just a few of the benefits and things I’ve noticed about this particular Sadhana and I’m basking in the blissful light of this practice.  I Love these techniques and tools which help me to live my life to my fullest potential–bountiful



Happy Friday to you!


Sat Nam




Day 18 of 40 Global Sadhana

Welcome day 18 and full moon,

The full moon was bright and alert at 3:15am this morning during sadhana, reflecting in through the window while the tide’s soothing effervescence washed ashore.  Each day as we progress in this 40 day global Sadhana I feel more energized and excited.  My favorite part is meditating with my partner in the room listening to the chanting and watching the candles glow along the wall.   I’m beginning to calm down…..or shall I say I’ve found the calm and surrendered to that which is beyond my grasp–I leave that up to the divine.

Happy Full Moon of Joy!

In Gratitude


lotus Day 16 of 40 Global Sadhana



Hari Nam Sat Nam Hari Nam Hari,
Hari Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari

This mantra reminds me of the lotus flower that unfolds its petals to the morning light.
We are the lotus that keeps unfolding the many petals within our own hearts, allowing the light to shine through. 
Sat Nam

Day 15 of 40 Global Sadhana

Day fifteen is here,  I can’t believe it’s day fifteen already, the dust has settled and is now grounded into the earth, harvesting the fruits of this Sadhana.  The fruits of this Sadhana are slow awakening within, penetrating the barriers of all resistance while circulating throughout the heart beat.  The beating of the heart is a beacon of light surrounding each cell, molecule, pore in the body, mind and spirit.  While we sit in Sadhana and ponder the thousand thoughts that come in and out of our consciousness they dissapate into the ethers while lifting the veil of our past, and current habits.

While we may be just sitting here, we have these habits that are like a silver thread throughout our whole lives.  They may be habits of emotions, logic, or mirrored from the past.  Whatever these habits are, what ever they may be, what ever they may become, we have the ability to change them–not over night, not in a month, not in two months, but it takes forty days to change a habit.  Within these forty days we may be lazy, we may be ecstatic, or we may be being–allowing the habit(s) to over rule our emotions, logic, mind, body, and spirit.

Awareness here is the key to the lock of the habitual doorway.  Become aware of these habits and then you can change them one at a time, that is what I love about this spiritual practice of Sadhana–we are lifting the veil.

Happy Meditating to you,